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Safety, Health & Environment

Safety for a people-first environment

Safety is Namoi Cotton’s number one priority

Within the Namoi Cotton Group, safety is a priority in every aspect of our operations. We have a dedicated Work Health Safety and Environment team working closely with all our Senior Managers, Site Supervisors and employees to seamlessly integrate our vision for safety into our daily operations. Safety is at the top of our agenda for our meetings, from the Board, right through to our Senior Executives and to all of our employees.

We’re committed to providing a safe working environment where people feel safe and supported to speak up. We want everyone to have a safe day’s work in an enjoyable and rewarding working environment.

Committed to providing you with the safest working environment

We take responsibility for the safety and health of ourselves and others. We promote a safe workplace and never walk past unsafe practices. We report, learn and improve from our safety incidents.

When people are safe, they’re productive and better able to deliver their best for our customers, our organisation, and our communities.

Want to speak with our Safety, Health and Environment Team?

The contact details of our Safety, Health and Environment Team are:

Environmental Complaints Hotline:
(07) 4631 6193

60 years growing with Australia.

Namoi Cotton is Australia’s largest cotton ginning organisation. We’re proud of our 60 years growing with Australia.