Namoi Cotton 50th Anniversary

Cotton Marketing

Namoi Cotton is one of Australia’s largest marketers of Australian cotton. Namoi Cotton is the only merchant operating in Australia which exclusively handles Australian cotton.

Namoi Cotton, over the past 50 years, has built a strong reputation with cotton growers and international spinning mills for the procurement of Australian cotton from farm gate to end world markets. Namoi Cotton, with its supply chain infrastructure, can deliver premium Australian cotton to international spinning mills efficiently.

Export sales are undertaken pursuant to the Namoi Cotton Alliance Joint Venture ("NCA"), and NCA is the preferred supplier of Australian cotton to spinning mills located in China, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh and India.

Namoi Cotton and NCA are the link between Australian growers and the international spinning mills.

Namoi Cotton provides a variety of cotton marketing options to its growers. Our experienced Grower Services Team can provide details on various marketing options.