Grower Information - 2018 Season

Operating Hours

Operating hours for each site will be dependent on expected receivals and weather.  Please contact the receival site to determine the hours of operation.

Delivery Requirements

The ensure efficient deliveries and a safe work environment, NCA will have the following requirements for the season:

  • All truck drivers are required to be inducted to the site. This will be undertaken at the sample stand at the time of the drivers first delivery.
  • An NCA delivery number is required prior to delivery for both warehouse and merchant contracts. For deliveries against a sales contract the delivery number will be provided by the merchant that the contract relates to.
  • Chains are required on tailgates of all delivery trucks to regulate the flow of grain into the mobile hoppers.
  • Convertible trailers will not be accepted.
Grading and Moisture

NCA will be providing a chickpea grading service which will be on a best endeavours basis.  Initially out of specification chickpea will be received, providing they can be graded back to chickpea 1 specifications.  If NCA runs out of room to store this separately, the receival of off grade chickpea will be stopped.

The chickpeas that are out of specification will be received as Chickpea 2 into grower warehouse with a volume deduction made for the grading losses. When graded the chickpeas will be regraded to Chickpea 1 and will be transferred on a first in first out basis.

As the grading capacity is limited, NCA cannot guarantee the timing of the grading.  This may have implications with the timing of deliveries against contracts.

2018 Grading Charges are $25.00 per MT

2018 Volume deductions are 1% for every 1% that passes through a 3.97 screen (Maximum receval tolerance will be 15% screenings)

Maximum receival moisture will be 13%.


Grower warehousing will be available at all three packing sites during the 2018 season.

To deliver into warehousing the requirements are:

  • A warehouse delivery number will be required prior to the delivery of the grain.  This can be obtained from the Toowoomba Office.
  • Information required to be provided:

    • Trading Name
    • NGR Number
    • Contact Details
    • Approximate Tonnage (non-binding)

  • A Warehouse Agreement needs to be executed and returned. These agreements will be sent with the warehouse delivery number and will cover the following details;

    • Free storage until the end of January 2019
    • Storage charges of $1.60 per tonne, per month 
    • All warehouse stocks are to be transferred to customers by no later than the 30 June 2019.

For further information please Contact Us.

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Corporate Office Operating hours:

Monday - Friday8am - 5pm


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