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Namoi Cotton Alliance (NCA)

60 years growing together

Namoi Cotton Alliance handles grain, storage, and containerisation, ensuring year-round utilisation of our supply chain assets.

Namoi Cotton Alliance offers efficient supply chain solutions for our own lint and cottonseed marketing operations, as well as for third-party clients.

Further to its cotton activities Namoi Cotton Alliance brings its excellent regional position to assist growers in bringing other commodities to market such as wheat, sorghum, chickpeas and others.

NCA isn't just about cotton. We are a commodity packing company.

The NCA is a division of Namoi Cotton that’s allowed us to diversify our offering through various grains. It’s a commodity packing company that allows us to operate all year round. By processing, warehousing, and handling the logistics for these grains in the off-season, we make our cotton ginning business more economical in the on-season.

What does the NCA mean for our growers?

NCA gives export clients access to our robust logistical network for lint, oilseeds, and grains. Namoi Cotton growers benefit from these synergies, enabling them to capitalise on our low-cost and high-value supply chain.

The commodities we work with in the cotton off-season allow us to maintain a full-time workforce all year, meaning we can retain the best employees, with the best knowledge and experience.

By handling other commodities outside of the cotton season NCA retains the most experienced and motivated supply chain personnel in Australia.

It's our access to third-party operators that really makes the difference.

Part of Namoi Cotton’s service excellence comes down to our impressive logistical network. A key element of this network is our road and rail logistics. NCA can deliver service excellence thanks to our logistical road and rail network. Our established relationships with logistic providers sets NCA apart from our competitors. This efficient supply chain puts NCA at an advantage over other competing companies.

The grain side of our business allows us to maintain full-time contracts with our third-party providers. It’s these contracts that keep our logistical costs at a reasonable rate, and those cost-savings are passed down to you.

Our grains business not only ensures we keep our logistical assets and people productive twelve months of the year it also ensures our growers have access to the same supply chain they benefit from for the cotton season.

NCA is how we provide time-efficient, industry-leading supply chain solutions at a competitive rate.

Namoi Cotton’s growers get profit back in their pockets sooner.

Looking for seasonal work? Namoi Cotton Alliance is leagues ahead

Our reputation for treating our people right, means our casual workers keep coming back, year after year.