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Cotton Marketing

60 years growing together

Cotton marketing by an Australian team

Namoi Cotton is the only Australian merchant that exclusively handles Australian cotton. The cotton marketing aspect of our offering is completed through Namoi Cotton Marketing Alliance (NCMA) — a joint venture in which we own a 15% share. 

We're a supplier of Aussie cotton across key international markets

Through NCMA, Namoi Cotton’s cotton lint product is highly regarded internationally. We are the cotton supplier of choice for spinning mills across China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Korea and Japan.

60 years building our reputation as a premium cotton supplier in Australia

From the farm gates of our cotton growing network to the end markets all across the globe, Namoi Cotton has spent the last 60 years developing our reputation as an industry leader in cotton marketing.

Our supply chain infrastructure, cotton services, and second-to-none support allow us to deliver premium Australian cotton to these international mills with efficiency as a priority.

Fixed Price Market Order

Specify the number of bales you’re happy to sell at a nominated price. These are generally placed as a Good Until Cancelled Order (GTC). You can do this under two structures: Cash or Daily Pool.

Cash Offer

Get an indicative cash price in $AUD each day. This price is published in our Daily Market Report or via SMS. It’s calculated with reference to the current New York Stock Exchange Futures Price, the AUD/USD exchange rate, and a set basis level. These cash sales are paid 14 days, ex-ginning, and the number of bales is fixed.

Daily Pool Offer

This is similar to the Cash Offer with the exception of two aspects:

  1. The basis component of the contract price is indicative only; and
  2. Payments to you are made in accordance with a pool payment schedule, which is fixed by Namoi Cotton at the beginning of the season.

Force Majeure options
(Cash/Daily Pool)

Subject to approval, you may elect to accept each of the above products on a ‘Force Majeure’ basis. Force Majeure is where circumstances beyond your control (such as drought, flood or a storm event) limit your ability to deliver the number of bales you promise. In this circumstance, Namoi Cotton may bear the production risk in exchange for an adjustment to the price on offer.

Warehouse Contracts

You’ll specify the number of bales in consultation with your Customer Engagement Account Manager to be placed in your warehouse contract. These bales are committed to Namoi Cotton, however, they are unpriced. There are no fees attached, and if you choose, we may offer an interest-free advance on the bales. This allows you to have your cotton fully ginned and gives you the opportunity to delay pricing until the day prior to the first notice day of the December contract — which is in November each year.

Chat with your account manager to learn more

Your account manager works as a liaison between our ginning facilities and you, the grower. You’re always welcome to contact them with any questions you have about our offering or the NCMA. 

Let's grow together.

With the largest cotton marketing network in Australia and a reputation as the preferred cotton supplier internationally, Namoi Cotton has been growing together with Australia’s rich agriculture industry since 1962. Come grow with us.