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Cotton Grower Services

60 years growing together

Namoi Cotton knows growers.

Based in cotton growing valleys in Queensland and New South Wales, we have gins maintained to the highest standards and an experienced team behind us.

Namoi Cotton makes cotton simple. With 60 years in the cotton industry and our history as a grower-owned co-operative, Namoi Cotton builds relationships with growers that go the distance.

Australia's largest ginning network

We have Australia’s largest ginning network with sites across the growing regions of Southern Queensland and New South Wales.

Cottonseed marketing: Access gin for seed contracts

Namoi Cotton offers logistical strategies designed to create cost efficiencies for growers. Trading and marketing Australian cottonseed, we’re able to purchase your cottonseed at competitive prices.

Our established relationships are a credit to our reputation as a premium supplier, our accurate documentation, and our timely shipping. These relationships allow us to offer you a range of gin for seed contracts.

You can access three different contract types

Balance of Crop (BOC)

A Balance of Crop Contract is where you nominate a specified number of bales (in consultation with your nominated account manager) that you believe you will produce based on the number of hectares you have planted.  Similar to an FM contract, Namoi Cotton will bear the risk for you, however, all bales produced must be ginned by Namoi Cotton. You and your account manager will agree upon a ginning and seed price at the time of this commitment.

Balance of Crop contracts can also be completed for future seasons, locking in the gin price for a specified time (for example, three years) — the seed is then priced season by season. This protects you from any unexpected price rises in ginning.

Namoi Cotton’s cotton marketing services

Namoi Cotton has developed a positive reputation here and across the globe for our supply of cotton and cotton products. Our marketing services allow cotton growers across the nation to export their premium products to sought-after markets internationally.

Independent classing services

Australian Classing Services (ACS) are a wholly owned subsidiary of Namoi Cotton. Based in Wee Waa ACS deliver independent classing services for cotton processed both by Namoi Cotton and third-party processors.

The Namoi Cotton Alliance (NCA) strategically allows us to operate at a competitive rate

Namoi Cotton Alliance (NCA) is a division of Namoi Cotton that diversifies our existing offering, handling grain in the cotton off-season. What does this mean for growers? It’s how we access the logistical network we do, all year round, and pass on our cost savings to you.

NCA allows us to maintain a full-time workforce and third-party operators at competitive rates that benefit our growers.

We’ve been building strong relationships with growers for 60 years

Relationships are the priority

Communication, trust, and collaboration are important for a successful relationship. We value our growers and the relationships we build with them. You’ll receive personalised support from our customer engagement team.

Experience you can rely on

Our rich history in the cotton industry gives us the right experience to support growers. The team running and working our gins work hard to deliver quality in our processes.

Get support at every stage

We’re not just here to provide your ginning service. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve quality outcomes. Your account manager is always on-hand to answer your questions and keep you up to date with the process.

A reputation for quality

The team at Namoi Cotton has developed a reputation for high-grade turnout delivered with above-and-beyond customer service.

We know growers

We’re a co-operative at heart. We understand growers and your needs. With 60 years in the cotton industry, we bring a tonne of experience to the table.

Let's grow together.

With the largest ginning network in Australia and on-site cotton classing rooms, Namoi Cotton has been growing together with Australia’s rich agriculture industry since 1962. Come grow with us.